Ask a Cat: Why Are Cats Always Hiding?


Who can deny that cats are the sneakiest animals around? No one, that's who. So, why are humans always so amazed by our stealth? It's not like it's breaking news.



Maybe it's time a cat lays it all out on the table. I'm going to fill you in about what makes cats like me so good at keeping a low profile – so you can quit asking about it so much.


Behind the Stealth

If you want to stay on the top of the food chain, then you need to know how to hunt and you need to know how to stay out of folks' way. That's how we got so good at hiding, and why you never hear us coming. Lions, panthers, cheetahs – that's where we come from, and you can bet there's still a big cat in all of us.

Now, yes, most of us these days are fed out of a can. We've used our charms to have food brought to us, instead of having to go catch it ourselves, because we are smart. But that's no reason to get rusty, so we make a point flex our skills in stealth to prove we're still the kings and queens of the wild.


A Little Solitude

Don't get me wrong, though – it's not all about acting fierce.

We're a lot like you humans. Sometimes, we just need to get away from everything. When we're tired, or need to find some Zen, hiding somewhere under the radar can feel a lot like stepping into an oasis. (And, sometimes, we just have to check things out.) You might call that a “cat nap“ – we just call it a nap.


Do the Right Thing

So, that's your sneak peek into our world. Not so complicated, right? But now you have to do something for us, because you're informed. You have no excuse.

Here's the deal: Cats actually need their own space. Every cat deserves some places to  hidehang out, and get in touch with their wild side. So, do your part and bring some that into your home. Your cat deserves it.


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