Build a Warm Shelter for Strays this Holiday Season


Got some leftover cardboard boxes? Don’t throw them out just yet-- you can repurpose them this holiday season by building shelters for your local neighborhood cats. As of 2018, there are roughly 58 million stray cats in the U.S.--and the actual number could be much higher! As the weather cools down, you can give back this season by building a cat shelter with your cardboard box and a few easy-to-find materials-- keep on reading for more info!



To build a shelter, you need the follow materials:

  • A large cardboard box
  • 2 cat flaps
  • Thermal insulation
  • 2 sheets of plastic glass per window
  • Gaffer tape (about 50m)
  • 4-5 bin liners

1. To get started, first cut holes for two cat flaps and two windows-- make sure to leave one cardboard wall untouched so the cat can snuggle against something solid. 

2. Next, start lining the box with Thermawrap. To cover the cat flaps and windows properly, cover the entire hole before making four diagonal cuts from the center of the hole to the corners. This will make four triangular shapes which you can then bend to the outside and tape down.

3. Next, fit the cat flaps and windows in place. For extra insulation, it’s better to double up on plastic glass.

4. Afterwards, line the entire shelter with bin liners to make sure any and all gaps are covered up. Make sure you’re thorough-- insulation is key here!

5. Last step-- we’re almost done! This is optional, but fill up the inside with something soft and warm for strays to snuggle into. Old towels, blankets, even straw or hay-- all of these options work! 



And just like that, you’re done! Wow, a cardboard box really goes a long way! This holiday season, why don’t you give the gift of a warm shelter to a friendly neighborhood cat out there? All it takes is less than 10 materials and a bit of extra time to get a puuurr-fect shelter set up.



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