Keep Your Fur Baby Healthy with the Right Cat Bowl

Mealtime is one of the most fundamental elements of life, and your fur baby should be happy and comfortable while chowing down. Picking the right cat bowl is actually essential for not only keeping your cat healthy, but also happy and motivated to eat. Here are some tips on choosing the right bowl to upgrade your kitty’s mealtime!



1.Avoid plastic bowls

Bacteria and oil can build up in the plastic material’s microscopic scratches and can cause cat acne. Most vets recommend stainless steel or ceramic bowls like Vetreska’s Watermelon Bowl.

2.Size matters

Go for a wide and shallow bowl versus a deeper bowl; when cats stick their faces into the bowl too far to eat, it can cause discomfort and even spinal issues. In fact, it can even irritate their whiskers, resulting in an unhappy and unmotivated kitty.



3.Customize your bowl to your cat’s face

Keep your kitty’s face size and shape in mind while shopping for a bowl. Some cats-- like Persians-- require specialized bowls with a bit of elevation due to their relatively flat faces.

4.Mix it up

cats require constant stimulation, and that goes for mealtime too! Switch things up by changing up their bowl design sometimes, or using different vessels e.g. food puzzles to spice up mealtime!



Overall, mealtimes should be fun and rewarding for both you and your fur baby. Your choice (or choices) of a cat bowl is integral to ensuring not only your cat’s happiness, but also its healthiness. 

And don’t forget to sometimes hand feed your kitty to strengthen your bond and give them lots of scritches and love too! 




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