Design Spotlight: The Fruity Kitty Kove


Our Design Spotlight series shines a light on a VETRESKA product and gives you a sneak peek inside our design process.

What is this magnificent slice of melon? This sunny wedge of grapefruit? It's the Fruity Kitty Kove, VETRESKA's take on that all-important cat accessory—the litterbox. One of our most popular products, it packs the features and personality to make it the best litterbox out there.



Hide and Seek!

We're cat lovers, and like any cat lover, we've faced the dilemma of where to put the litterbox.

Under the table? Next to the toilet? Tucked away in the corner? We've weighed all the pros and cons, trying to find a nook where the litterbox will be hard to see (or smell).

But for us, this wasn't good enough. Couldn't we make a litterbox that you don't have to hide—which is still easy for cats to use? We decided to turn something that was typically out-of-sight into a stylish statement piece, without getting in the way of a cat's daily business.


Fruit Couture

You're probably thinking, "How did you end up at big slices of watermelon and grapefruit?" That's a great question.

The answer is a beautiful meeting of love and design. We knew a dome would translate perfectly to an enclosed litterbox design, because the shape would help to better contain the odor within the box.

But why make that dome a fruit? It's no secret that VETRESKA has a fondness for fruit. We love watching a cat dig its claws into our famous Peach Cat Teaser, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a room brighten up around our Blossom Cherry Cat Tree. We believe the products we make should make life a little more joyful, and the whimsical, fruit-inspired design of the Fruity Kitty Kove does just that.


Designed for Life

Cats can be a lot like people: When they're on the toilet, they like their privacy. Humans have the luxury of closing a door behind them when they enter the bathroom. Our team felt that cats would like that, too.

So, we designed the Fruity Kitty Kove with a swinging door, making it easy for cats to enter and exit at their leisure, and providing them real privacy when they need it. Plus, it cuts down on odor by keeping bad smells inside.

Then there is our nifty litter screen, which catches litter that falls off your kitty's paws upon exit. Cat owners know the feeling of stepping on litter or, worse, having it cling to their socks. This simple but essential addition ensures the Fruit Kitty Kove is the mess-free litterbox of your dreams.

And finally, when clean-up time comes around, it's easier than ever – just pull out the Fruity Kitty Kove's hidden litter drawer for instant access. Scooping into the dark is now a distant memory.


Ready to Meet Your Melon?



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