Hey, Jute! All about the Safe, Sturdy Fiber Claws Love

What do cats actually enjoy scratching? Sometimes, it seems like it's just your upholstery.

Here at VETRESKA, these are exactly the questions we set out to answer when developing fun, stylish, and functional pet products and supplies. And when it comes to scratch-happy kitties, we know a material they just can't get enough of: All-natural Jute Rope. It's what we use for our signature Oasis Cactus Cat Tree and Blossom Cherry Cat Tree, so you know we're excited about it, too.

Thinking about bringing some jute into your life? Get to know the natural scratchable your cat has always wanted.


A Feline Favorite

Jute is a sturdy, biodegradable fiber derived from the stem of jute plants, which can be found in tropical regions across the globe. When spun into cords, it's valued for its strength and resilience – which makes it great for standing up to daily climbing, pawing, and clawing.

But there are all sorts of materials out there, so what made our team choose Jute? The first and most important reason: Cats really like scratching it. Seriously. We've watched cats spend all day sinking their claws into one of our cat trees. Pet owners know how picky cats can be. So, when you find something they like, you stick with it.

Jute also resists shredding like you'd see with fabric (or your curtains). So, you deal with less mess, while your furry friends keep their claws healthy. That's a win-win in our book.


A Conscious Choice

We have always believed that stylish can also be responsible, and our choice of jute as a material is exactly that.

Every inch of jute rope that we use is natural, biodegradable, and safe for use with cats of all sizes. And, when we do dye it for something like our super-green Cactus Cat Tree, we make sure it's done with your and your cat's health in mind. In fact, we often make the dye, too.

"We made sure that our rope was completely toxin-free and natural," says our co-founder Donald Kng. “Even the dye that we used to dye the rope, we made sure that the color itself was entirely lead-free and toxin-free."

Jute is a durable, do-it-all material that we are proud to use, and that your cat will love to get its paws on. And since it's made to last, your VETRESKA cat tree can be a part of your home for the long haul. So, get scratching!


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