Meet the Model: Vivi, the Adventurous Ragdoll

Explorative. Curious. A little bit naughty. There are a lot of ways to describe Vivi, VETRESKA’s mischievous Ragdoll. A valued member of the VETRESKA feline modeling team, Vivi has been captured exploring practically every VETRESKA product. But who is Vivi really? Let us introduce you.

Name: Vivi 

Age: 1 ½ Years Old 

Special Talent: Sneakiness 

Breed: Ragdoll 


Born to Explore

Vivi is famous for his explorative nature. Unlike many indoor cats, he has no fear of going out, happily trotting out of the VETRESKA office to explore – and maybe stir up a little trouble, too. It’s not rare to find Vivi in other offices, checking in on things. With those mesmerizing, ocean-blue eyes, doors open for him wherever he goes.

But that’s not to say Vivi is always on the move. He’s quite the social butterfly and enjoys hanging around the office when he’s not out on a quest. Plus, he always has room for downtime: You can catch Vivi lounging the day away on the big plush hammock of his Blossom Cherry Cat Tree, enjoying a cat-nap – or plotting his next mission.


Secret Agent Cat

What does Vivi get up to when he’s out on his own? We’re not always sure. In fact, he’s a bit of a mystery. Vivi has been known to venture several floors up from our office, even in the wee hours of the night. No one knows how he does it! That’s why you need to watch out for Vivi at the VETRESKA office, every time you open the door.


Part of the Family

Vivi is just one member of the VETRESKA family. We hope we’ll get the chance to introduce you to all the other furry friends on our team that help us create pet products and supplies. Until then, say hi to Vivi when you see him on your feed!


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