Scratching that Itch: Choose the Right Scratching Post for your Cat


How many times have you bought a scratching post only for your cat to ignore it and sharpen his or her paws on your couch instead? Well, we know a bit about cats here at Vetreska and with help from our experts, we’re here to help you pick the right scratching post for your cat to avoid any collateral damage to your household. So, keep reading for tips on keeping your fur baby happy and your furniture safe!



1.Cats like Tall Scratching Posts

Make sure your cat’s scratching post is at least 30”—cats love to stretch and rub up against their scratching posts, so making sure it’s tall enough for them is key! That’s what makes our Oasis Cactus Scratching post perfect-- it comes in both 31” and 41”! Plus, as a side benefit, your cat will get to fully stretch and exercise its back and shoulder muscles which is great for their health too!

2). Sturdy Wins the Race

Cats are really, really safety conscious—so sturdiness and safety are of utmost importance to them! If your scratching post is shaky or wobbly, your cat won’t use it—that’s partially why cats prefer couches and chairs. For comparison, cats scratch against trees in the wild, so that’s the standard you should be comparing your scratching post again. Make sure your post is sturdy as a rock for a happy and healthy cat!



3.Make it Fun—Stick with Cardboard or Sisal Fabrics

Did you know that cats find loud, scratching noises to be really satisfactory? No, really—loud, accompanying noises to scratching makes the experience more fun for your cats! Avoid carpet-covered posts and stick with either sisal fabric or heavy corrugated cardboard like Vetreska’s Oasis Cactus Cat Scratcher.

4). Variety is the Spice of Life—Mix it Up

We all know our fur babies can be quick fickle—and they’re no different when it comes to their scratching posts. It’s best to have various scratching posts lying around to entertain your kitty! We recommend having a variety of surfaces for your kitty to scratch against, ranging from horizontal or vertical to multi-level structures. Mix it up and keep it fresh for your fur baby! 



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