Upgrading Playtime for Your Fur Baby

Toys and playtime is one of the most important learning tools for any of us-- and our fur babies. Playtime is especially important for keeping our cats not only happy and engaged, but also mentally and physically healthy. A bored kitty is a stressed kitty-- and stressed and anxious kitties tend to display more problematic behavior such as urine spraying, aggression, and other disordered behaviors. By making playtime as engaging, varied, and fun as possible, you can further bond with your kitty while also making sure they stay healthy and happy!

At Vetreska, we understand the importance of playtime, and we’ve developed a wide range of products to keep your kitty engaged and happy. Plus, we’ve got some more tips and tricks on how you can change things up to make the most out of playtime-- keep reading for more! 


Make sure your cat has a scratching post

Cats instinctively need to scratch, and scratching posts helps them to stretch out their limbs and release some energy. When picking a scratching post, make sure it’s tall and sturdy enough for your cat too-- you wouldn’t like to climb on an unsteady post, and neither would your fur baby! Also, it never hurts to have a few scratching posts placed around your place so your kitty can change it up once in a while. 


Switch out toys

As we all know, cats can be a bit fickle, and their preferences can change really quickly, so it’s best to switch out their toys once in a while except for that one toy your kitty absolutely can’t go without. Put some toys away for a while, then bring them back once your feline has gotten a bit bored of their other toys. Switching things will keep things fresh for your cat, prevent boredom, and keep them motivated to play-- and stay healthy. 


Think about taking your kitty outdoors

Some cats just have a thirst for the outdoors, and it doesn’t hurt to take your fur baby for a walk outside once in a while. If you want to try walking your cat, make sure to get a leash your cat can’t escape from along with a kitty carrier for when your cat gets tired or overstimulated-- we recommend the Bubble Luggage carrier so your kitty can experience the outdoors from their own little bubble.

And don’t forget, make sure you’re picking good times to play with your cat too! It’s best to schedule playtime based on when your cat is the most active, and to play with them for about 15-30 minutes. You don’t want playtime to be too short, but don’t tire your cat out too much either! The key is quality and variety, not necessarily quantity. An easy way to get started is to pick up a new toy-- just one, maybe the Blossom Peach Teaser?-- and then take it from there.

For more information on Vetreska products, make sure to follow our Twitter-- we’ve got a lot of exciting news coming up that you don’t want to miss out on! In the meantime, happy playtime!


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