Welcome to the VETRESKA Blog!

Looking for the latest updates, pet pics, and dog puns from the VETRESKA team? You're in the right place. We'll be using our blog to keep you in the loop about new and upcoming products and to provide a behind-the-scenes peek at what's going on at VETRESKA. From our entire team, we're so happy to have you here.


A bit about us

We created VETRESKA because we believe quality pet supplies can be fun, functional, and beautiful, too. Our team specialize in unique pet products that bring you and your pet closer together – and just make life more fun. Want to learn more about us? Check out our  About page. Ready to explore our catalog of products?  Start shopping!


What's next?

We're excited to get our brand-new website running at full steam, and there are a bunch of new products on the way that we can't wait to let you get your paws on. We're also looking forward to giving you an insider's look at our design approach and how we create our products.

We'll be posting here routinely, so come back soon and get the latest from us. Stay tuned!


Vera Ong

I am very happy to note that you are opening an outlet in Singapore and in my neighbourhood mall! My doggy friends and I are excited about that new development. When can we expect the doors to open?