What Design Means to Us

Since our start, we've been crazy for quality design. In fact, design was a big reason we founded VETRESKA in the first place. We wanted to create the sort of cat supplies we couldn't find in stores – those that looked great, never skimped on the fun, and brought cats and their owners closer together.


Our design approach

Simple, beautiful, playful – VETRESKA products embody all these things and more. Our designs are inspired by everyday things, like daily life and our cat's quirky habits, but also things like  giant cacti and citrus fruits, too. Whatever it is, our priority is that the final product brings joy to you and your cat every day.

We take pride in quality materials and craftmanship, because we know what cats can do to their most favorite toys. VETRESKA products are made to stand the test of time and become a treasured part of your cat's life – even if that means a lot of loving scratches.


Innovating play

There are more pet supplies available now than ever before but, even then, they haven't changed much over the years. We believe, with some imagination and bit of out-the-box thinking, new and remarkable pet supplies are right around the corner.


Why it matters

Our cats are our best friends. When we give something to our best friend, we want it to be beautiful and we want it to make their lives better. Our commitment to quality design is a reflection of what we believe all pets deserve: only the very best. We hope our products embody all the love you have for your cat and give you even more ways to show it.




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